The 2018 Interior Fly Fishing Season Begins Now
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The 2018 Interior Fly Fishing Season Begins Now

Despite the weather, David Page and myself made our way onto the water to make sure the boat was in order for the upcoming guide season.  Cold, windy, pouring rain but the +3 degrees Celsius thermometer reading was just enough to make it worthwhile.  I can not remember a year in the last decade that has been a later ice-off than this, but that is one thing that I cannot change.

We hooked up the trailer just as it was getting light out, knowing this was going to be a short outing.  I wish I could say it was a fishing day, but it was more so a boat check-up day where we happened to bring a few rods.  Accidentally, of course…

However, once we realized the boat was all in order and running like a top, we decided to pull in and make a few casts.  I made the mistake of giving Dave an olive and white bunny leech with a chartreuse cone head out of my box, while I opted for a black and purple egg sucking leech.

Once we got set up, before I could even get my line in Dave was hooked up on a nice fish.  A rainbow of 17 or so inches that had clearly wintered over very well.  A quick release and he was back in action.  Next cast?  Yep… another one on the fly I would’ve paid good money to take off his line and put onto mine.  Why do the most productive flies always have to be in singular form?

This fish turned out to be a good sized bull trout that put up a great fight despite fairly cold water temps.  The big bucket mouth pointed straight at me as Dave brought him up to the surface for a net job.  Back in the water after a quick photo to live another day.

If you’re wondering what happened on the next cast, you can probably guess by now.  Before I could blink Dave was hooked up again to a gorgeous rainbow.  I think I spent more time netting his fish than I did with my fly in the water, but it’s just as enjoyable when friends have a good day especially on waters that are new to them.

One great end to the day was being checked by a local conservation officer.  It’s great to see them out and always interesting to hear what they have to say about certain fisheries.  We officially have some ice-off in the Kamloops area, drop your name in the form below and let’s get on the water!


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