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Chromies… When to Fish Them?

When is the Chromie an effective chironomid to fish?

As chironomids ascend the water column, they begin to build a gas inside of their abdomen that assists in their climb to the surface. Originally tied with silver mylar tinsel, the Chromie (Phil Rowley) slowly became a staple in the fly boxes of Stillwater anglers across the Pacific Northwest.

The first instance in which the Chromie will get put into action is when fish are marking partway through the water column, a noticeable distance from the lake’s bottom. This signifies that fish are intercepting the pupa mid-ascent, often when they become a shiny “platinum” colour. 

The second scenario in which the Chromie proves effective is mid to late-afternoon as fish have been following the chironomid hatch up for a few hours. Oftentimes there are few anglers on the water in the mid to late-afternoon, and some stellar fishing is typically still available for those willing to search around. On the contrary, early in the day can be a stellar time to fish darker, more drab coloured pupa.

Lastly, Chromies are effective when you have an extreme level of confidence in them! As stated in “The Chironomid Fishing Handbook: 51 Tips for Chironomid Fishing Success“, having unwavering confidence in a fly pattern is often the first step to it proving effective on a consistent basis. This is not magic, it is simply due to the fact that you will fish chironomids (any flies, for that matter), which you believe in longer, harder and with  more diligence. The Chromie is a staple in the boxes of many proficient Stillwater anglers. 

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