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Photo Essay: Fishing BC Hosted Trip

It is no secret that spring stillwater fishing in the interior of BC is a great time.  During this event led by Brian Chan and Phil Rowley, two days were spent at Corbett Lake Lodge followed by another two at Stoney Lake Lodge.  The food, the people, the experience, it was an event I am very grateful to have been able to work alongside some of my favourite people in the fly fishing industry.

Here are a few photos that brought back great memories from last week’s adventures:

The 1756 G3 ready to do work on Corbett Lake, BC

Phil Rowley putting a nice rainbow in the basket caught in shallow water

Brennan Lund with an after-hours rainbow caught on the surface at Corbett Lake

The evening shift. Photo: Brennan Lund

Brian Chan explaining what ingredients make a productive trout lake

Steve hooked up on a nice Corbett Lake rainbow

A nice fish that took a size 18 dark brown/copper rib chironomid pupa 6 feet under the surface

Marty hooked up on a nice rainbow caught on a chironomid

A healthy looking rainbow trout from Corbett Lake

Phil Rowley tying his “Cola Worm” during a tying presentation at Stoney Lake Lodge

Spinning a size 18 chironomid pupa during a tying demo at Stoney Lake Lodge.  Photo: Brennan Lund

Counter-spinning some UTC thread to form a slender chironomid body.  Photo: Brennan Lund

Brian Chan preparing to tie his proven BMW, a micro-leech pattern that is deadly under a strike indicator.

One of many healthy rainbows that inhabit Stoney Lake

Brian Chan and guests getting set up to hang some chironomids in Stoney Lake’s “Back Bay”

A huge thank you to Matt Jennings, Fishing BC, Brian Chan, Phil Rowley, Brennan Lund, Steve Maricle, Corbett Lake Lodge, Stoney Lake Lodge and all the amazing guests that make events like this such a success.  Both lodges provided second-to-none hospitality and service, I cannot wait to return!

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