Stillwater: What 4 Rod Setups We Have Rigged at All Time
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Stillwater: What 4 Rod Setups We Have Rigged at All Time

On each and every day of Stillwater fishing, there are four rods rigged and ready to go in the boat at all times.  During both spring and fall season, this does not vary a whole lot aside from changing fly lines to match a specific situation.  Here is a quick rundown on each setup:

Rods #1 & 2 – Floating Line/Indicator:  Probably 80% of our Stillwater fishing is done with a floating line setup, and a large majority of that floating line fishing is done with a strike indicator setup.  Leader length will vary depending on the depth of water being fished, and sometimes one rod (or both) will be stripped of the indicator for naked line chironomid or scud fishing.

Rod #3 – Medium Sinking Line:  The most popular sinking line for fishing leeches, blobs, scuds, damsels, water boatmen, dragons and much more would be the SA Intermediate/S1/S3.  With a head of 3 inch-per-second sink rate followed by sink 1 behind it and intermediate sinking running line, this line accounts for a lot of “casting & stripping” time.  This line is great for, but not limited to, fishing water that is 8-15 feet deep.

Rod #4 – Fast Sinking Line:  This rod is primarily used for fishing boobies, blobs, leeches and dragons.  The lines of choice on this rod are the Scientific Anglers Sonar S3/S5 and S5/S7, with the latter being almost strictly used for Booby fishing and dangling chironomids in deep water.  These lines are very useful when fishing water greater than 20 feet in depth.

Understandably, having four rods can be a bit cumbersome in smaller watercrafts.  I still bring 4 along even in a small 7.5ft pram, but will leave 2 rods set up in 2-piece rod tubes.  Questions?  Drop an email via the form below!

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