VIDEO: Tarponville Fishing Lodge

Next week it is time to head down to Tarponville Fishing Lodge in Manzanillo, Costa Rica.  Tarponville has a great population of seriously big Tarpon, and they love to eat flies!  We will be doing a daily fishing recap to share the day’s events on the water.

We’re lucky to have Tarponville as a destination on our Hosted Trip Program for 2019.  For more info on how to get in on this trip please fill out the form below the video!

VIDEO: 9 Degrees South – The Land of Giants by Fly Fishing Nation

Let’s talk bucket list fly fishing destinations for a second.  Close your eyes, and imagine you could go anywhere in the world.  One that is continually at the forefront of my brain is Cosmoledo Atoll.  The size and power of these GT’s is something I must experience at some point in my life.  Until then, here’s one of the best fly fishing films showcasing the amazing fishery the Seychelles have to offer!

VIDEO: REI Presents – A Steelhead Quest

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Hello readers!  It is 10:22pm, we just got home from the hospital today with our baby girl.  I would like to say we’ve slept the last two nights but apparently, these little humans have a way of keeping their parents out of bed through the night!  We will be back on regular blog scheduling starting tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience.  Each and every comment, message and email reminds me how thankful I am to have this career.

VIDEO: YETI Presents -120 Days

This video is more than just a fly fishing video to me, it showcases the pure obsession behind it, along with some real-time guide frustration.  I have not listened to someone talk more passionately about their craft than David Mangum does in this video.  I have watched it a million times and still never gets old to me, so if you are out of things to do on this Friday night sit back and enjoy this!

VIDEO: “Once in a Blue Moon”

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“Once in a Blue Moon” is one of the first fly fishing movies I ever really fell in love with.  It’s subject matter seemed to have a certain depth to it that was a little more than the average film at the time.  The part that blew me away was the number of mice found in the stomach of one single brown trout.  On top of it being a great film, I think it’s the first fly fishing video to reach 1 Million views.  Watch away!!