The 11th Hour: Story of My First Ten-Pound Rainbow Trout

I was twenty years old, working a fly shop job and fishing every waking moment possible.  I was single, responsibility was a word that was not even in my dictionary, and my time was fully devoted to racking up as many new angling experiences as possible.  I did not have much in the way of money, but the freedom to fish on as many occasions as possible made me the richest person in the world!

My 8:00pm departure to a lake that had been on my list for years would leave me arriving somewhere around 3 in the morning.  As I rolled in, I was physically too tired to set up camp but mentally too excited to sleep.  I knew there were rainbows over ten pounds swimming in the waters not 100 feet in front of where my vehicle was parked.  I grabbed a beer from my six-pack that had dialed itself down to room temperature over the duration of the drive, and broke out my fly tying kit.  Sleep was not in the books anytime soon. read more