3 Tips for Fishing in a Blanket Chironomid Hatch

Many days are spent cruising around the lake searching for bugs.  Even a small patch of mud that is putting off a half-decent emergence can be worthy of your time.  What about the other end of the spectrum?  The times where there are chironomids blanketing the entire water’s surface and you feel like you are fishing a needle in a haystack?

It is disheartening to think that every chironomid you see hatching is one that made it from the bottom of the lake all the way up without getting intercepted by a fish.  A chironomid hatch will turn fish on, without a doubt, but at what point does it begin to work against you?  Here are three techniques I lean on during a massive chironomid hatch. read more

Interior Stillwater Fly Fishing in June

June is an excellent month of the year for stillwater fly fishing in the interior of BC.  Typically, weather is a little bit more stable and the fishing becomes a little bit more diverse.  Chironomid hatches are still in full swing, especially at higher elevations.  Dragons, Damsels, Mayflies are all taking place while the start of the annual Sedge hatch is seen at most elevations depending on the time of the month.

Chironomid fishing in June is very enjoyable as most fish have moved out into deeper water with warming temperatures.  Fishing water that is 20 feet or more can yield some incredibly powerful grabs, especially fishing a chironomid on a naked floating line with no indicator or swivel.  The hit and run on a naked line chironomid setup fished in deeper water can be one of the most addictive things in stillwater fly fishing. read more

Fly Tying: The G.B.D Micro Leech

Whether it is in a morning/evening session or after a big chironomid feed takes place, micro leeches are a staple food source that can save even the toughest of days.  This fly works great in the shallows under a strike indicator, fished on an intermediate sinking line, or in deeper water on a full sink.

This is an incredibly simple marabou micro-leech with a collar of Arizona Simi-Seal in “Black/Purple”.  To me, that is the most important part of the fly itself.  The iridescent and translucent qualities of this dubbing allow you to keep the fly sparse while still maintaining a teardrop profile. read more

Kamloops Fishing Recap – May 6 – 20th, 2018

After wrapping up the Fishing BC Hosted Trip on the 10th of May, guests from both the United States and Canada have been enjoying some of the best fishing we have had all year.  Steady chironomid hatches, warm weather and fairly consistent winds in the Kamloops area have yielded some great fishing conditions.

Chironomid pupa, bloodworms, boobies and the occasional mayfly nymph have been on the menu as of late.  Dark gray/Red rib, Light Gray/Black rib, Olive Green/Black rib and the Chromie/Brown rib have been the bugs of choice, with the Cranberry Larvae being the go-to bloodworm for morning sessions. read more

3 Tips for Catching Brook Trout

Brook Trout, or “Brookies”, are a member of the char family and inhabit many lakes throughout the interior of British Columbia.  They fight differently than a lot of our rainbow trout, preferring to hang underneath the boat over launching themselves into the air.  Typically the runs consist of short bursts, typical with many char species. read more

Photo Essay: Fishing BC Hosted Trip

It is no secret that spring stillwater fishing in the interior of BC is a great time.  During this event led by Brian Chan and Phil Rowley, two days were spent at Corbett Lake Lodge followed by another two at Stoney Lake Lodge.  The food, the people, the experience, it was an event I am very grateful to have been able to work alongside some of my favourite people in the fly fishing industry.

Here are a few photos that brought back great memories from last week’s adventures:

The 1756 G3 ready to do work on Corbett Lake, BC

Phil Rowley putting a nice rainbow in the basket caught in shallow water

Brennan Lund with an after-hours rainbow caught on the surface at Corbett Lake

The evening shift. Photo: Brennan Lund

Brian Chan explaining what ingredients make a productive trout lake

Steve hooked up on a nice Corbett Lake rainbow

A nice fish that took a size 18 dark brown/copper rib chironomid pupa 6 feet under the surface

Marty hooked up on a nice rainbow caught on a chironomid read more

Kamloops Fishing Recap – April 29 – May 6, 2018

Weather and fishing have both been excellent in the Kamloops area the last week.  Lakes below 3,000 feet are seeing some great mid-day chironomid hatches and the fish have really been on them.  Some of the high elevation lakes are turning or just cleaning up right now, and some are still frozen rock solid.

Best flies for lower elevation lakes that have already turned over and are seeing prominent emergences have been chironomids in the way of the Zucchini, Black/Red Rib, Chromie/Brown Rib in sizes 16 and 18. read more

Stillwater Fly Fishing: The Double-Handed Strip

Sometimes the fishing is so good it feels like you couldn’t miss if you tried.  Other times, it feels like you couldn’t pay one a thousand dollars to get one to eat.  Challenging days can be frustrating, but they push you to think outside the box.  When the methods you typically rely on fail, it is the perfect time to try something new.

A nice rainbow that recently fell victim to a UV Sunburst blob on an SA S3/S5 full sink with the double-hand strip technique

A method that is more commonly seen fishing Tarpon during a Palolo worm hatch, the double-handed strip is actually very effective for fishing patterns such as water boatmen, boobies and blobs.  The steady but erratic retrieve accompanied by a few pauses is a great way to trigger a reaction bite. read more

Kamloops Fishing Recap – April 22-29

Aside from a drizzly couple days over the weekend, spring showed up in full force over the last week.  Spring stillwater guiding season is underway and the fishing was excellent on Tuesday through Friday, with solid chironomid emergences taking place on a few of the sunny afternoons we experienced.

Lakes in the 3,000-3,500 elevation mark are icing off, with some of the lower elevation lakes already finishing the turnover stage and clearing nicely.  The best flies for us last week were UV Tequila blobs fished on Scientific Anglers’ SD S3/S5 full sinking line in the morning, with #18 chromie/brown rib being the chironomids of choice. read more

Stillwater Fly Fishing: Choosing a Reel

Choosing a reel can be confusing for a first-time buyer.  A plethora of different brands, drag systems, colours and spool diameters, here are a few things I look for in a reel:

Arbor:  Reels come in three primary arbor diameters: Small arbor, mid-arbor and large arbor.  What does this mean for you?  Because fly reels are a 1:1 ratio the larger the arbor means the more line pickup per rotation.  In English, that means it will be easier to catch up to a fish that is running towards you.  I like a mid to large arbor reel with a smooth ingoing click (or no click at all) that allows for speedy pickup to eliminate the amount of slack line a fish will have to work with.  Less slack line = fewer fish lost. read more

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