TARPONVILLE – Daily Blog Overview

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The first leg of the journey to Tarponville Fishing Lodge in southern Costa Rica begins tomorrow, and blog posts will be slightly different than usual in the coming week.  Each day I will be doing a recap of the day’s fishing, along with a small handful of photos.  We will be chasing some seriously big Tarpon as well as a couple other species including Jacks and Triggerfish.

For more info on our hosted trip to Tarponville next year, click here.  To stay updated on this trip, feel free to enter your email in the subscribe box!  Thank you for reading. read more

Is a Rotary Fly Tying Vice Worth The Money?

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Selling tying vices in the shop, people would lose their breath at the price tag of an entry-level rotary fly tying vice.  I would explain the list of benefits but often they would opt for a cheaper version to start.  That, of course, is all good but I did notice a pattern of those people coming back to purchase a rotary model within 6 months of tying.

Long story short? Yes, they are worth every penny.  Having the ability to use the rotary function to spin hackle, wire and body material saves an infinite amount of time at the bench.  You will also find yourself putting out more consistently proportioned flies. read more

Preparing For a Destination Fly Fishing Trip

Packing for a destination trip can be a daunting task.  The mere thought of forgetting something as important as a passport or essential travel documents is enough to make your heart jump into your throat.  Aside from these important items, there are a few ways to make sure you are prepared for your next destination fly fishing trip.

Extra Everything:  It is so easy to assume that you won’t drop a pair of sunglasses off the side of the boat, break a rod tip landing a fish or get all of your shirts filthy before the end of your trip.  A few things I double up on: read more

VIDEO: Tarponville Fishing Lodge

Next week it is time to head down to Tarponville Fishing Lodge in Manzanillo, Costa Rica.  Tarponville has a great population of seriously big Tarpon, and they love to eat flies!  We will be doing a daily fishing recap to share the day’s events on the water.

We’re lucky to have Tarponville as a destination on our Hosted Trip Program for 2019.  For more info on how to get in on this trip please fill out the form below the video!

Last Call: Michael & Young Fly Shop Chironomid Fishing Course – March 24th

IMPORTANT: We have merged our two courses tomorrow into one course at M&Y’s Surrey Location.  The course is at 10am and costs $45 per person.

This is a great course for those looking to sharpen their skills before the upcoming Stillwater season.  Spring is right around the corner, give yourself an extra edge on some of our interior trophy fisheries.

This course covers:

Proper boat setup

How to approach trophy stillwater fisheries

Locating and effectively covering a chironomid emergence read more

How to Tie a Flashback Marabou Damselfly Nymph

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June is my favourite month in the interior to target the damselfly migration.  When fish get keyed in on damsels, it becomes a feeding frenzy and the takes are often savage.  Fish will cruise ledges and dropoffs intercepting damselfly nymphs as they clumsily make their way towards shore to shed their exoskeleton and take flight. read more

2018 Stillwater Fly Line Break Down

Stillwater fly fishing can be a finicky, particular game at times.  The fish are ever-present, but there are days when getting them to eat seems like the most difficult task in the world.  Having a solid fleet of fly lines allows you to cover a multitude of scenarios, here are the lines I have chosen for the 2018 guiding season along with a short outline of their different uses.  All lines are weight forward, six weight aside from our fastest sinking line. read more

3 Tips to Maintaining a Clean Fly Tying Station

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This is as late in the evening as I have ever made a blog entry.  It would be easy to just skip a day, but luckily for this business, my OCD does not let that happen.  Writing early in the morning after exercising not only seems to be a more creative time of day but allows me to take my time and proof every little detail.

Today was not a day where I had a chance to write in the morning, and after spending the whole day moving we are just getting settled in around 10 pm.  Sometimes it seems like the more I want to come up with an article topic, the harder it becomes.  A form of writer’s block you could say. read more

“Intro to Chironomid Fishing” Course – Trout Waters Fly & Tackle – Saturday, April 14th

By popular demand, we’ve added a third “Intro to Chironomid Fishing” course at Trout Waters Fly & Tackle in Kelowna, BC on Saturday, April 14th

Chironomid fishing is an incredibly productive form of Stillwater fly fishing.  Though they are small, chironomids make up a huge part of a trout’s diet through the open water season.  This course is a 3 hour indoor presentation that will cover the following: read more

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