Photo Recap – Trout Waters Fly & Tackle Free Casting Demo Day

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Despite the annual gusting north wind and cool temperatures, the turnout for the annual Free Casting Demo Day put on by Trout Waters Fly & Tackle.  Each year the turnout is increasingly stronger, with great numbers of people who have never even tried fly fishing showing interest in the sport.

The great thing about events like this is the freedom to cast anything from a rod or line you are looking at purchasing to your dream setup.  Thanks to the reps that made their way out for the event, these would not be the same without the help of great people in the industry! read more

Early Season Stillwater – How Early is too Early to Launch?

Anglers aren’t the only ones that are permitted to sleep in during the early weeks of stillwater season.  Fish are just beginning to wake up and will typically be opportunistic during the warmest part of the day, and in my opinion, there isn’t much of a point getting to the launch before the sun comes up.

The “Crack of Noon”

Even though I make a point to wake up early and get everything prepared for the day, I typically don’t try and get the boat in the water before 9 or even 10 am.  The surface temp will begin to warm slightly during the warmest parts of the day, and peak activity is generally not at first or last light.  Fish will move into the shallows in search of staple food sources and potentially an early chironomid hatch. read more

Early Season Stillwater Tactics – Rod in Hand

Ice-off can be a great time of year for stillwater fishing.  After a long winter, a rainbow trout’s metabolism will begin to speed up as they forage for staple food sources such as bloodworms, shrimp and leeches.  A great way to target fish in the first few weeks after the ice leaves the lake is with a strike indicator (bobber…) setup.

Even with this method, in frigid early season water temps I am a firm believer in holding the rod in hand while fishing instead of resting it in the rod holder.  Of course, if you are pre-occupied and need both hands then set it in the holder, but having the ability to lift up on the most subtle of movement on the indicator will definitely connect you with more fish. read more

REVIEW – Ross Evolution R Salt 11/12 Reel

I will start this unbiased review by saying that after a week of testing it on some of the biggest and baddest fish that swim in the Caribbean, this reel is a beast.  It is an absolute machine that I would willingly put to the test against any size or species of fish found anywhere in the world.

One of the first things I noticed about this reel when it was first unboxed was the dual counterbalance points (for the non-anglers, this means two little metal things instead of one!) that are designed to reduce vibration when fish are taking long runs at high speed. read more

REMINDER: Intro to Chironomid Fishing Course – Trout Waters Fly & Tackle – Saturday, April 14th

This Saturday will mark the final “Intro to Chironomid Fishing” course before springtime stillwater guiding takes over the schedule.  This course is held at Trout Waters Fly & Tackle in Kelowna, BC from 10am – 1pm this Saturday, April 14th.

Chironomid fishing is an excellent way to put great numbers of fish in the net, but it can be a technical game at first.  The point of these courses is to ease that learning curve and allow you to be consistently more successful this spring on our local stillwaters. read more

The 2018 Interior Fly Fishing Season Begins Now

Despite the weather, David Page and myself made our way onto the water to make sure the boat was in order for the upcoming guide season.  Cold, windy, pouring rain but the +3 degrees Celsius thermometer reading was just enough to make it worthwhile.  I can not remember a year in the last decade that has been a later ice-off than this, but that is one thing that I cannot change.

We hooked up the trailer just as it was getting light out, knowing this was going to be a short outing.  I wish I could say it was a fishing day, but it was more so a boat check-up day where we happened to bring a few rods.  Accidentally, of course… read more

TARPONVILLE – 2018 Trip Review

From flying through an electrical storm to finding ourselves in the town of Alajuela, Costa Rica during the country’s most significant holiday, our travels to Tarponville fishing lodge were interesting to say the least.  After a short flight from San Jose to Puerto Limon and a one hour shuttle, we were graciously met by Tarponville owner Mark Martin and his fishing manager Tim at the entrance to the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Due to it’s location a few hundred yards inside the boundary, the lodge is not accessible by motorized vehicle. After a short walk we found ourselves at the southern most fishing lodge in Costa Rica. Tarponville is a rustic yet comfortable and well-kept lodge located in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle. read more

3 Essential Stillwater Ice-Off Patterns

Finally back and settled from a long day of travel that started at 5:00am in Houston, Texas returning from Tarponville Fishing Lodge in Costa Rica.  Tomorrow there will be a full recap of the trip, safe to say it is one of the most incredible fisheries I’ve ever experienced.

Despite the current weather in the interior of British Columbia, ice-off is right around the corner.  Fishing the first few days after the ice leaves a lake can be tricky, but when approached properly will yield some great results.  Here are a few patterns I swear by during the ice-off period: read more

TARPONVILLE Travel Day 2 – Easter in Alajuela

Another night, another blog post and this time from a place I’ve never been before.  Something about the feeling of arriving in a new destination, the uncertainty of it, is a great and scary feeling.  Tonight we’re in Alajuela, Costa Rica and didn’t know the surprise we were in for when we landed after a 4 hour flight of each being stuck in a middle seat between two people that really liked to take up the whole armrest

Upon landing in San Jose, Costa Rica we were driven to our hotel just down the road in the relatively small city of Alajuela.  Little did I realize how huge of a holiday Easter was here.  There were no businesses open, and next to no restaurants. read more

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